Professional Editing Services for Writers and Publishers

In 1985, I took a job as receptionist at a Chicago publications firm and I've worked in publishing ever since. I have particular expertise in the fields of history and education, though I've moved more into fiction the last few years. I also have considerable experience with manuscripts (both fiction and nonfiction) written by non-native English-speakers.


B.A., Northern Illinois University, History and Russian
         Language and Literature, summa cum laude, 1992

M.A., Georgetown University, Russian History, 1999

USDA Graduate School and The George Washington
         University, publications program coursework,

Services Offered: 

is the last step of the process before a book goes to press (or e-book conversion.) It means reading the text, looking for grammar, syntax, and spelling errors. It also means checking the layout, that is, line spacing, justification, headers, and page and paragraph breaks. If there are more than five errors per page, then it's not really proofreading anymore. Another round should probably be done after what is now a copyediting pass.  

is the last step of the manuscript preparation process, correcting the manuscript so that it conforms to generally-accepted industry guidelines for formatting, grammar, spelling, and punctuation. (Chicago Manual of Style, unless otherwise specified.) 

Substantive Editing
is also known as line editing, and is an in-depth edit of the manuscript. Close attention is paid to structural elements (for nonfiction, organization and argument; for fiction, narrative flow, scene construction, POV) and language, including grammar, syntax, and style.

Developmental Editing
is essentially manuscript critique with an editing component. First, the manuscript is assessed, paying particular attention to structural elements (for nonfiction, organization, argument, tone, and content; for fiction, plot, character, point of view, and pacing.) A set of comments and suggestions is prepared. After the writer revises, a full line edit is done.  

Editing services generally run .50 to $5 per page, depending on the level of editing a manuscript requires and turn-around time required. No prices can be quoted without my seeing a sample of the manuscript, and having a word count. I am happy to do a free sample edit (up to 5 pages.) I always prepare a full price quote before beginning work. For new clients, I require a deposit to start work.

In D.C. institutions such as the Library of Congress, the National Archives, and the Folger Library.  

Nonfiction. Articles, book proposals, synopses, and queries.  

Crossword Construction
Published crossword constructor.

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