Professional Editing Services for Writers and Publishers


“You’re the best editor I know, besides me.” 
                               --Darlene Oakley, Lachesis Publishing

“You get me and my writing. I like that! I knew when I first talked to you this would be good partnership. My intuition about people is damn-near 99% accurate. Thanks!” 
                                                           --Jennifer N. Shannon


“Seriously, we asked for a 1000-word article and you’ve done over and above what I hoped. I don’t believe we need a further draft. I’ll be modifying it and writing multiple articles based on the content that you have already provided. Thanks!”
                                  --Joel Barret, Barrien Metal Products

“My take on that chapter is that it is the definitive word on him and the history of that period. [You] got all of that into one concise chapter and it is also quite moving. Great job!”
                                 --Michael Keene, Ad-Hoc Productions

Developmental Editing

I worked closely with Karen, who edited my manuscript at two different stages, about a year apart from one another. She offered detailed editorial critiques that ranged from line edits to the level of conceptual framework and everything in between. There is no question in my mind that she decisively improved the manuscript. I would not have gotten my book published without her help. Simple as that.

                                                   --Ian Reifowitz, SUNY, Empire

“I think you have exactly the right attitude towards this material because I have the same doubts. I have no problem with you challenging this story. I need it and am thankful for your view.” 
                                                                         --Angelo Mike

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